Natural Methods for Female Sexual Enhancement

A study performed by the University of Chicago has found that 43 percent of women suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction with 27 percent going so far as to report that their sexual encounters are devoid of pleasure. In addition, a 2003 survey from UCLA’s Departments of Urology and Psychiatry found that roughly 40 percent of women with these problems refused to seek help for it.

If sexual dysfunction remains unaddressed, it can eventually lead to depression, self-esteem issues, undue stress and especially relationship problems. In order to regain a normal life and an improved level of happiness, taking steps to remedy the problem is key.

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What is it Caused By?

Sexual disorders have a wide range of causes that can be due to physical, lifestyle and external factors. It can be caused by many medications, particularly antidepressants, antipsychotics, hormonal contraceptives, anxiolytics, corticosteroids and opioid painkillers. Other common causes include unhealthily high or low weight, diabetes, blood pressure issues, stress, malnutrition and many lifestyle habits.

Many women who are faced with the difficult problem of a low libido can usually benefit from some form of female sexual enhancement. Some go to their doctor and receive hormone pills and injections that may only compound the problem or cause dangerous, unbearable side effects. There are a variety of ways to enhance sexual function naturally.
Weight-Bearing Exercise

A lack of exercise is the bane of sexual desire. However, doing too much cardiovascular exercise can also cause this problem by overloading the body with cortisol, the stress hormone. A woman who wants to enhance her sexual function is advised to perform a greater proportion of weight-bearing exercise. This causes large increases in testosterone that will aid desire and sensitivity.


Oatmeal, particularly from steel-cut or Irish oats, has chemical compounds that help to boost testosterone. These substances also inhibit the effectiveness of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), a hormone that traps your body’s sex hormones and makes them useless. With less SHBG, you’re free to enjoy more and better sex.


Lysine is an essential amino acid that, in foods, comes from meat and other animal products. However, you can also find it as a nutritional supplement. This protein building block is important for your body’s ability to produce sex hormones, particularly androgens like testosterone, which provide the greatest benefits to sexual function.


Zinc, a mineral found in many common foods, is also used by the body to produce hormones. If a woman is zinc-deficient, as most people are known to be, then sexual desire and sensitivity can suffer. Like lysine, you can find this mineral in a supplement form for easier use.

Eat More Fat

Most popular diet models today stress the importance of avoiding fat, often to an obsessive degree. It’s no consequence that the rates of sexual dysfunction among both genders have also been on the rise. The body requires fat consumption, particularly of the supposedly “bad” ones like saturated fats, to carry out numerous important functions. One of these is hormone production. If your diet lacks fat and you’re experiencing sexual difficulties, consider adding more of it to your diet to promote female sexual enhancement.

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