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Surviving Mercury Retrograde in 2013

by Sandi Bois
Whether or not you are well versed in astrology, you have probably heard the term Mercury Retrograde (MRx). Because we are about to experience yet another MRx in late February into March 2013, it seems a particularly appropriate time to REview the significance of a MRx. As is typical for MRx,we will experience a total of three in 2013:
Feb 23-March 17
June 26-July 20
October 21-November 10
There is a great deal of misinformation about MRx. The intention of this article is to clarify the meaning of a MRx period. We can do that by beginning with the significance of Mercury.      Mercury is called the “Messenger of the Gods.”  In a simplified explanation, he rules communication: the mind, the intellect, ideas, thoughts, speaking and writing. This includes such things as advertising, advice, written agreements/contracts, computers, all correspondence including emails, and texts, education, interviews, mail, memory and loss of memory, the media, publications,records, reports, selling and buying, telephones, voice and writing. As he also rules all forms of transportation, he similarly rules automobiles, bicycling, buses, cabs, commuting, elevators, keys, luggage, trains, running, streets/streetcars, traffic lights, small and light vehicles and walking.
So it follows that these are the areas most likely to be affected by a MRx.
The Messenger of the Gods has received a bad rep due to these retrograde periods. Many people seem to dread MRx periods, sure that all kinds of mishaps will occur. In fact, the God of communication is mistakenly blamed for all kinds of silly things!  While it is true that “issues” surrounding travel and communication seem to be spotlighted during the MRx period, there are positive things we can do to minimize any negative impact. First, we can prepare for the retrograde period. If we are aware of the timing of the retro period in advance, we can make an extra effort to make those big purchases, sign those important contracts, make the big phone calls, submit reports and documentation, repair our car or computer,or even reschedule travel plans prior to the retrograde. That sounds great but sometimes life does not work so easily; business goes on and important contracts or travel must occur during a retro period. So, here are some coping strategies for any MRx period:
MRx is a time in which we should stop to review, revisit and revise. It is not the best  time to initiate or push forward on new projects. However, it is a fantastic time to review our life, thought patterns (as well as travel plans and upcoming purchases and contracts). Before moving forward, revisit the past. Take the time to clarify your needs, your priorities and your communications. Be very careful with all details  (skipping steps is not allowed). Be VERY clear in all your communications, oral or written as misunderstandings can occur. Reconfirm appointments and double check your calendar often. (Late and missed appointments are a MRx casualty).  Review and reread that letter, text or document BEFORE pressing send. Take the time to carefully formulate your plans, being ever ready to make revisions, edits and readjustments. If you must travel, try to simplify those plans, knowing that delays, cancellations and lost luggage are possible.
It is important to note that the three Mercury retrograde periods will occur in water signs this year. For those of you familiar with your natal chart, the first period may be of more significance to those with planets between 5 to 19 degrees Pisces. The second retro period may affect those with planets in Cancer between 13 and 23 degrees. The third retro period may affect those with planets between 2 and 18 degrees Scorpio. However, as a predictive astrologer who deplores astrological generalizations, it is important to note exactly WHICH planets will be  aspected as well as the house placement. As with all astrological questions, it is best to consult a qualified astrologer to see how the astrological occurrence will SPECIFICALLY IMPACT YOU!

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