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Nicolas Cage To Appear In Lots Of Movies

Just when you thought you saw a lot of Nicolas Cage on the big screen, your in for a rude awakening. The Oscar winner has already been confirmed by Sylvester Stallone to appear in the next movie in the “Expendables” series, “The Expendables 3” to be exact. That’s not even half of the movies Nicolas Cage is slated to be in.

Not counting the next “Expendables” movie, Nicolas Cage is going to be in 12 films over the next two years, with another two films on the horizon that have yet to begin filming. Talk about busy. Your probably wondering why Nicolas Cage is in so many movies, and the simple answer is money. Nicolas Cage paid back $6.25 million that he owed the IRS this year, which cut the total amount he owes by almost half. He now owes a little bit over $7 million.

Nicolas Cage isn’t know for being cheap either, owning 15 different homes, exotic pets, a dinosaur skull, and several high end cars. A man with those types of tastes has to have the income to support a lavish lifestyle like that. Check out the 14 films that Nicolas Cage is slated to appear in:

National Treasure 3” (confirmed, no release date yet)
“The Expendables 3” 
“I Am Wrath” (rumored, 2014)
“Left Behind” (confirmed, 2014)
“Tokarev” (rumored, 2013)
“Joe” (confirmed, 2013)
“Outcast” (confirmed, 2013)
Wild Side” (confirmed, 2013)
Marble City” (confirmed, 2012)
“Frank or Francis” (confirmed, no release date yet)
“Kick-Ass 2” (confirmed, 2013)
“The Croods” (confirmed & completed, 2013)
“The Frozen Ground” (confirmed & completed, 2013)
“Stolen” (opening in India this Friday)

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