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Beyond the Kitchen: 10 Unusual Uses for Ziploc Bags

Ziploc BagsBeyond the Kitchen: 10 Unusual Uses for Ziploc Bags


For most people, Ziploc bags are a kitchen staple. You can find them in the kitchen or cupboard of almost any kitchen with the purpose of keeping snacks and leftovers fresh.


Zipper bags, also known as Ziploc bags, have plenty of uses beyond the kitchen though. In fact, these inexpensive plastic receptacles are useful in almost any room in the house, and do more than just keep things fresh.


For example, have you tried using Ziplocs for any of these purposes?


You have to ship a fragile item –and you’re afraid that Bubble Wrap and balled-up newspapers just aren’t going to keep it safe. Create air pillows using plastic bags to keep your item safe. Close the bag almost all the way, insert a drinking straw into the opening, and fill the bag with air. Quickly seal the bag shut to create a pillow; make as many as you need to keep your item safe and unbroken.

Hosiery Storage

If your pantyhose are jumbled together in a dresser drawer, plastic storage bags can keep everything neat and tidy. Sort your hose by color and store each shade in its own bag, marking each bag with the color name.

Craft Kits

Plastic storage bags are perfect for creating kids’ craft kits – or keeping your own projects under control. For kids, give each kid a bag with all of the supplies they’ll need for a particular craft; as a bonus, the bag can store the project until it’s done, or safely transport it home.

Protect Plants

You thought the weather had turned warm enough to transplant your seedlings – but a freak frost is predicted. No worries. Just cover the vulnerable sprouts with a small zipper bag, and they’ll stay warm and protected.

Fix a Leak

Mom always said don’t play ball in the house, but you didn’t listen and now you have a cracked and leaking vase. No need to toss the vase, though. Just line it with a plastic bag, fill with water and add your flowers.

Keep Your Car Clean

Plastic bags can help keep your car clean and dry. Keep a gallon size zipper bag in the car to hold your wet umbrella on rainy days. Or, if the kids are wet and/or muddy, store their dirty shoes in a plastic bag to prevent carpet stains.

Homemade Cleaning Wipes

Commercial cleaning wipes can be pricey, but with a zipper bag and some paper towels you can make your own for a fraction of the cost. Place an opened package of heavy-duty paper napkins or paper towels (you might need to cut the roll in half to fit) and add a quarter cup of your favorite cleaner mixed with half a cup of water. Once all of the paper is saturated, drain the excess water and keep the bag sealed to retain the moisture.

Moisturize Hands and Feet

Got alligator skin on your hands and feet? A plastic bag can help. Slather on a rich cream or petroleum jelly, cover your hands with plastic and a warm pair of socks for 15 minutes, and then remove to reveal soft, moisturized hands.

Salad Spinner

Need to wash and dry some lettuce? Rinse the leaves in cold water and place them in a zipper bag lined with paper towels. Seal the bags, and then let the kids toss the bags around for a few minutes. The lettuce will be ready to go in no time.

Disposable Mixing Bowl

If you don’t have enough mixing bowls, or all your bowls are in use, a plastic bag is a good substitute. Just measure all of the dry ingredients into the bag and shake it to mix. This is also a great time saver for mixing up your base ingredients for cookies or pancakes. Simply place your dry ingredients in a zipper bag, mark the bag with the remaining ingredients and cooking instructions, and when it comes time to bake, you’ll be a few steps ahead right off the bat.


Plastic zipper bags are one of the most versatile and useful items in your home. So before you relegate the item to the kitchen drawer and only pull them out when you need to transport some crackers on a picnic, think about some of the other ways you can use the bags – you might just find that they are the most important item on your shopping list.



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About the Author: Blogger Lara Knowles writes about home decorating and organizing for her own blog and several other sites. Her most recent project was starting seeds in plastic bags with her young daughter. She purchases all of her craft and organization supplies in bulk from sites like Stock PKG.

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