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Japanese Flying Squids; What Scientists Say about It?

Japanese Flying SquidsNumerous sightings have been reported by witnesses who claim that they have seen squids flying above the surface of ocean. Finally, scientists have a reasonable explanation for this.

Many people were interested by this case. How can a squid get air? The answer is not that complicated – the creature releases a high-pressured water jet for propulsion and after this it spreads its fins as wings. This makes them glide above the water, stated the latest research from Hokkaido’s marine biologists.

Impressive fact is that the squid’s speed is 11 meters per second which is faster than the fastest man alive – Usain Bolt. He runs approximately 10.4 meters per second which is really impressive.

“Many people have reported strange sights in the ocean – squids that were flying above the surface, but actually no one had explained how this is possible. We have proved this finally and we are really proud of our work” – Jun Yamamoto – biologist from Hokkaido University claimed.

The final result was possible thanks to researchers who managed to track more than 100 squids in the Pacific Ocean. They observed the squid’s way of going into the air. While being above the ocean, the squid can remain in the air for about 3 seconds and fly around 30 meters upwards.

The squids are vulnerable while flying and this is why often they become source of food to different kinds of birds or other predators looking for loot.

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