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Up And Coming Artist: Kadeem Bijon


Kadeem Bijon Dunkley (born December 27th, 1989), once known by his stage name Young Smooth, but now going by the more mature, Kadeem Bijon, is an American recording Hip Hop artist and song writer. In 2009 he was signed to the independent label Holla Point Records.

Born in Bronx, New York’s Our Lady of Mercy Hospital, Kadeem was raised as a second generation Jamaican, always surrounded by family. With a grandmother, mother, and other varying family members singing in and out of church, Bijon was brought up around music. His uncle, Aimos, an aspiring rapper, would even pick him up from elementary school and take him to the studio.

His life was forever changed at the tender age of 12, after watching his uncle and others in an intense freestyle cipher; that same day he went home and wrote his first song “Party”.  Inspired by such artists as The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Aimos, and DMX, Kadeem developed a love for aggressive lyrics, witty word play, and clever punch lines.  By age 15, he decided to take hip hop seriously and formed a rap group, Young Point, consisting of him and three of his cousins.  It was around this time is when he started sharpening his song writing and recording skills by creating songs to instrumentals that were done by already famous artists. By using the styles of his favorite rappers Kadeem Bijon soon developed his own lyrical style, which has since been described as out of the box and very creative.

On March 26th 2011, Birth of the Beast was digitally released on receiving nothing but positive reviews as well as a rapidly growing buzz. He is currently finishing up his second mixtape Any Given Sunday: Service Music and has already begun working on his third, Bijon Perignon. Kadeem has performed at multiple venues from school talent shows to open mics, and showcases including New York’s S.O.B.’s, The Bowery Poetry Club, Club Rebel, and Club Pyramid instantly becoming a crowd favorite everywhere he performs. It is only a matter of time before this hardworking young talent becomes a household name. His first single from Any Given Sunday called “Kush-N-Rosé” can be found below.

He can be found and/or contacted on various social networks:
Instagram: KadeemBijon

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