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Good is being done all around you, pay attention

These days it is so easy to get caught up in the mass media’s portrayal of the United States having all negative news and sad stories. But they truly are only doing that for shock value and entertainment for many because the true stories of hope are all around us and not getting the coverage they deserve. By just opening up your vision past yourself and some of the world’s problems you quickly find how many great people, events, and things are happening all around us everyday in every community. Just like it is an interesting change watching a camera view that is very focused and seeing the different version with a wide fish-eye lens, it is the same with the world. Allstate has a new Give It Up For Good and we recommend you to seek out some good in your community, give back and then share your results! We were seeking out good in our local African American communities being done through charities, organizations, donations and other brands making a positive impact.

Baltimore firefighters and police rush to help a homeleass man in need
Baltimore firefighters and police rush to help a homeleass man in need

From innovations that allow people to become educated that otherwise would not be able to or communicate during emergencies through smartphones that tell operators the exact location there are news stories worth hearing. So what is happening in your actual community that is so good for the world? These days and for many years before now, there have been great organizations such as charities and churches that feed the homeless, clothe the homeless and even provide other opportunities for them. Some organizations are helping to feed the hungry such as SK Energy Shots which provides a meal to a hungry child for every drink sold and works with organizations like the World Food Bank to make it happen on a large scale. Perhaps one of our favorites is one that often gets over looked and that is Goodwill. Not only do they allow people to get a tax refund for their old items rather than just throwing them out and contributing to our global waste problem but they help then also provide those in need with items they can use. Sometimes this means a television unit or a couch, not to mention essentials such as shoes, pants, shirts, and more. 
We find it inspiring that only does Goodwill help many in need through low cost recycled items, not just the homeless but low income individuals and families as well, they also are an employer across the country. For those that may not have the educational requirements, skillset, or confidence to enter into the workforce at other jobs, Goodwill finds them a great home helping the world.

Here at Global Good Networks, we are firm supporters of brands that find a way to make a sustainable difference in the long-run by making profits off of doing good so that they can continue doing good and not only survive off of financial donations. That is our business model as well, spread good news to the world profitably so that we can continue to share positive news, people, ideas, technologies, events and more and stay around. -Josh Bois, Co-Founder Global Good Networks

Interestingly enough, Goodwill stays in business because people donate, but rather than cash which is much harder to get for non-profits but their old stuff… and those who give not only feel good but get some credit back. Everybody in this world deserves to live well and Goodwill allows people to do just that. For example, a family with low discretionary income can afford to buy a used video game console for their kids along with other toys, and some used golf clubs for the husband and perhaps some roller skates or exercise equipment for the Wife. Just examples, and by no means do we mean that only men play golf or women want exercise equipment, it is an example that their dollars can go towards the things that really matter to them such as feeding their children, keeping their kids in school, and keeping a roof over their heads.

A book drop made available in the inner city to promote literacy
A book drop made available in the inner city to promote literacy

When we were approached by Glam Media to assist in the Give It Up For Good campaign by Allstate we were very excited.  Allstate is a  major Fortune 500 brand ( according to CNN on the 2012 list they were 93 ) and they are focused on sponsoring brands to go out there and share stories of good being done in local communities. Seeing as Global Good Networks is dedicated to building brands that change the world in their own way, and GGN’s Global Good Group website is dedicated to spreading good news, it seemed to be a great fit for us. Please enjoy some of the photos from our finds out in the field of good that we saw being done. From Washington D.C. to Baltimore we went around the East Coast to find some spots that inspired us. Recently we were sponsored by Intel to cover some of their events where young students from around the US and the World are making world changing innovations that are changing the world and this was a blast. With this Allstate campaign, it was refreshing to really go into the community and city first hand to see how people are being helped on a day to day basis, we hope you enjoy our findings!
Let’s give it up for charity. Let’s give it up for good.

Bad gets enough coverage. Let’s find the good and give it some love.Allstate-Youre-In-Good-Hands-Logo-GlobalGood-Networks-Sponsored-Post-Article
Check out Allstate’s Give It Up For Good Website and share your examples of good with the hashtag #giveitupforgood and mention @giveitupforgood
Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Allstate via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Allstate.
Signed, Josh BoisCo-Founder Global Good Networks

Allstate believes that there is Good happening all around us, every single day, right in our communities. We believe that this Good is more powerful than Bad – it has the power to change the conversation, change communities, and ultimately, change lives, and we want to give it the recognition it deserves. We are committed to unearthing the stories about Good – stories of hope, strength and perseverance, stories of positivity and optimism, stories of kindness and generosity – stories that will inspire even more good.
Check out stories, pics, tweets and videos of the good happening in our communities at http://giveitupforgood.allstateonline.com/and share the good you see using @giveitupforgood and #giveitupforgood on Twitter and Instagram. Let’s do more Good, together.


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