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How-To Minimize Pores: 5 Steps!

How-To Minimize Pores

How-To Minimize Pores: 5 Steps! As you age, your pores become larger and more noticeable. Here are five steps to help control the dreaded aging process, how-to minimize pores, and cover them up with makeup! 1.       Identify Your Skin Type Identifying your particular skin type can help you determine what ...

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Home Remedies For Clear Skin


While there are products out on the market geared towards blemish free skin, for every one that works, there are countless others that don’t. I know, probably better than anyone, what works for one person, doesn’t work for every person. I have always suffered from sensitive skin so about a ...

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Brandy Makes A Youtuber Her MUA


If your not familiar with BeatFaceHoney (Tatiana Ward) she is a very talented MUA that posts makeup tutorials on Youtube. She has done quite a few tutorials duplicating Brandy’s looks. In the video below Tatiana herself explains how she has met Brandy before and Brandy has promised her that she ...

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Pain on the Job – When Should You Ask for More Than Time Off?

Pain on the Job When Should You Ask for More Than Time Off

  For most people, going to work is something that they simply have to do, and unfortunately, this can be a pain. Even more unfortunate, however, is the actual pain that some workers experience as a result of accidents on the job. Each year, thousands of employees suffer physical, mental ...

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