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2013 Intel STS Winning Research Relevant To Billion Dollar Firms

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Artistic rendering of what a large oil producing algae farm would look like
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Forward thinking and sustainable oil options loom on the horizon such as Algae

This year at the 2013 Intel STS event where 40 of the most distinguished highschool scientists are recognized, the ultimate winner was Sara Volz.
Not only has Sara been awarded $100K by Intel to further her research into Algae that can provide a sustainable alternative for the world. One of the problems currently is the scale at which it is needed at to put a dent in the world’s high use of drilled oil.
The night before attending the actual event I happened to be watching the Charlie Rose show late at night which was an Interview Charlie was having with the CEO of Exxon, one of the companies with the largest market cap in the world. As a leader in the energy space, Exxon knows the value of research into new avenues for providing energy and on the show Rex Tillerson, Exxon’s Chairman and CEO, discussed just that. His outlook was that despite our current attempts to generate some reliable and large alternative energy producing technologies, even by 2040 he believed they will still only account for a very small portion of our energy foot print. 800-1000% yearly growth in alternative energies such as Wind Power, as an example still is no where near enough to be able to provide for the global needs of the world today. More importantly Rex discussed Exxon’s look into Algae as a potential future source for energy.
Perhaps most interesting to us is that Carbon is one of the main inputs to algae production, something that is widely available as an output of factories, and other practical daily habits like driving cars.
With over 7 billion people around the world and an increase in high energy utilizing cities using everything from cars to computers, lots of street lights, businesses and regular family needs it is hard to provide for it all.
Here at Global Good Group we support those who venture off into the world to build a better future for everybody and we salute Sara Volz and the team behind Intel STS.
Watch the official Rex Tillerson, Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil feature with Charlie Rose here:
Signed, Josh Bois Co-Founder Global Good Networks

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