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A Look at Female Sexual Health

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Nothing is quite as frustrating as experiencing relationship trouble that comes from a lack of desire for intimacy or physical problems during sex. Women with sexual dysfunction are often stuck without any idea of why they don’t want intimacy with the one that they love. The experience can be frustrating and difficult to understand. Understanding what leads to sexual issues in women and how to treat them properly can save relationships and improve a woman’s self image.
What Causes A Woman To Need Sexual Help?
• Physical Problems – Pain, discomfort, and dryness are all issues that many women complain of when they try to get interested in sex. Physical issues are one of the most common problems a woman who is otherwise fine might experience when she tries to get intimate with someone she loves. Even a small amount of physical discomfort can make sex less fun for both partners, though this problem is often the simplest to treat with over the counter remedies like lubricants.
• Lack of Interest – Some women have a hard time building up interest in intimacy in even the most romantic situations. Problems with the way the mind handles dopamine can cause women who are healthy in other respects to have trouble experiencing a desire for intimacy with the one they love. Sometimes a woman can be completely committed to a relationship intellectually and physically attracted to the one they love and still have trouble turning that physical and mental attraction into actual intimate desire.
• Hormone Imbalance – Estrogen production goes down in a woman’s body as she gets older and approaches menopause. This decline can often cause someone who had a healthy interest in sex to start experiencing problems with her libido. Hormone balance issues are often responsible for everything from a lack of desire for sexual contact to the inability to get the physical responses necessary for comfortable sex. Since so many women will experience hormone issues at some points in their lives, almost every woman out there will suffer from this problem at least once.
Treating Sexual Dysfunction With An Enhancer
Options for treating sexual dysfunction include over the counter cures that treat specific symptoms, hormone treatments from a doctor that cause unwanted side effects, and herbal sexual enhancers designed to help a woman’s body experience healthy sex naturally. The right female sexual enhancer should be capable of helping a woman’s body even out hormone imbalances that cause libido issues. It should also be capable of encouraging proper signal transmission to help a woman’s mind and body stay on the same page while ramping up blood flow to encourage natural lubrication to combat physical discomfort.
Any woman experiencing sexual issues should consider trying a sexual enhancer like an herbal supplement before turning to harsher treatment methods. Since supplements are safe and side effect free, they can often help a woman overcome sexual dysfunction without causing any new problems. The best female sexual enhancer options will start to show results within just a few months of regular use.

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