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Co-Workers Share 1 Million dollar jackpot and feel Good about it

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Talk about  a big win for many. A USA office had organized a pool for their office to try out the lottery and ended up winning. Everybody in the office except for one of the girls has put their $20 in to try to get a good slice at winning. Sure enough, the office ended up winning and those who won decided on something remarkable. They decided that they would include Jennifer in the winnings since she had only been there for two weeks and needed some financial help after getting laid off. 
Hope is something that everybody should have and inspiring stories like this show that people have good intentions in their heart and want to help when they are helped. If only there was a way to include more needy people in lottery earnings or perhaps the taxes that are paid on those lottery earnings. That would be very interesting if there was a fund setup just for lottery winners to contribute to the greater good and not just to a charity.
We have actually covered some of the sites out there that help you pick out a good charity which gives back to the right causes and has a high level of transparency.
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