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How to Get Over Your Fear Of Public Speaking

One of the top fears for people is speaking in front of a large group. Seemingly confident outgoing personalities become a blubbering, sweaty mess. But most likely in life, whether it is in school or your career you will have to speak in front of a group. Here are tips to help you look like a super star on stage.
Be Passionate About Your Topic
Sharing your passion for a topic is inspiring to others. When you talk about something you are passionate about, your eyes light up; and others want to hear more. Talking about something you love makes you more comfortable because you know all about the topic. Therefore you appear more confident and comfortable in front of others.
Practice Makes Perfect
Knowing what you are presenting on is only one small aspect of giving a good speech. The best speakers practice their topic a few times to make sure they get all of the information in order and delivered correctly. If you are worried about an upcoming speech, practice your little heart out. Your future self will thank you.
Know That You Are Helping People
If you feel nervous before a presentation, remember that you have something to share and what you have to say is a value to others. You will be helping others by speaking your truth. Whether it is a presentation for work or a speech to a local community group, people will gain valuable insights from what you have to offer. Know that you are helping them and in turn this helps you feel good. Because ultimately when you help other people you help yourself.
Get Involved with Community
There are many ways to improve your ability to speak in front of others. One of the best ways is to become more involved in your community. Joining a local group, a book club or a charity organization can help you morph out of your shy shell. If you are serious about improving your public speaking skills, you can join speaking clubs such as Toast Masters International. Each group will provide a safe place for you to improve your own abilities as a speaker.
Address Your Fear
Ask yourself why you are afraid to speak. The answer will come to you and it will be very clear why the activity terrifies you. Maybe you are afraid you will sound stupid, You think people will judge you, you don’t feel confident talking about the topic, what ever comes up for you address it. Get real honest about the reality and ask yourself if that belief is true? Perhaps it is a fear from the past replayed into the future. Maybe someone called you stupid when you were little and that is why you worry about sounding stupid now. Recognize that that fear is from the past and you have complete control over the current situation.
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