Men’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2013

Men-Fashion-TrendThis season is all about looking simply sharp. Spring 2013 fashion trends are already available in stores and ready to wear. This is possible because solid colored suits and shirts are all the buzz. Really, keeping things simple, clean, and boring with just a splash of exciting is what it is all about this year. Read on for fifteen hot tips to stay on top of your game as we head into spring.

  1. 50 shades of GREY, grey, grey. Grey suits are in style this spring and summer. The more pale the better.
  2. Solid colored suits and shirts are as simple and sophisticated as it gets, take that and add a splash of exciting with a colorful print tie and pocket square.
  3. Look for clothing, ties and hats in colored chalks or as a female would call it, Easter pastel colors… but still keep it pale in color.
  4. Look for browns in your trench coats with pale patterns. Dull looks have never been so hot.
  5. If your suit is very pale, go ahead and make a statement with a bright chalky color like pink or blue. It will pop and you will be hard to miss.
  6. Loafers at work? Yes! Gucci and other brands are welcomed loafers at work, get to the office and be comfortable all day!
  7. Use a D-ring ‘down there.’ Your belt should be thin with a D-shaped metal ring where the buckle should be, what did you think we meant?
  8. You can also pair a solid darker pale green with a solid suit, tie, and pocket square. Keeping it all solid with no prints.
  9. Want to try something edgy and different? Try wearing a button up jean jacket under your sport coat.
  10. Trade your khaki colored clothes for brown. This tip comes straight from the men’s fashion shows in Milan, everything was brown, Khaki’s older and more sophisticated brother.
  11. Keep the classically retro squared look on all of your glasses rims or sunglasses. Editors, fashion critics, and designers all agree that still nothing compares with the square sets.
  12. Keep the old-school Panama hat look (resort style) with a wider brim. Think of it as adding a bit of Sammy Davis Jr. to your digs.
  13. Keep the leather jacket in your closet! That leather baseball looking jacket is definitely what’s trending.
  14. Keep those pocket squares with two colors of trimming on it for your suit. This rather new style straight from Italy is here to stay.
  15. Keep those textured blazers. Nothing looks sharper than textured, lightly printed blazers.

For one new style to look out for are polo shirts with ribbing and new trimming to match that pocket square! So remember this color guide as you shop for your shirts, suits, ties, and pocket squares: greys, browns, chalks, and pale colors are what to look for this spring and stay fly by remembering to keep it simple.

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