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Understanding iPhone 5

When discussing smartphones, it’s impossible not to include iPhone 5 in your considerations. Apple’s latest device recently opened to much fanfare and record sales in China, having sold successfully across America and Europe prior to that.
So, with this in mind, what does the modern smartphone have to offer? As a good example, let’s take a look under the hood of iPhone 5, and see what’s going on behind its stylish and bright 4-inch retina screen.
Working power
Before you get into the extra features and content, a phone simply needs to work. This is true of any modern device. All the features in the world won’t make a difference if the machine is too slow and fails to perform even the most basic functions.
Thankfully, the modern smartphone is not without its share of power and performance, if you know where to look, and Carphone Warehouse is the ideal place to start. iPhone 5 is powered by Apple’s A6 chip. This chip is designed to improve the performance of CPU and general graphics, whilst keeping the power drain low.  Many of these new features are twice as fast as the previous A5, showing the kind of improved performance the average customer is increasingly expecting from their choice of smartphone. New features and more options on a phone with an older CPU just wouldn’t work. The modern customer wants a phone that can keep up with its own improvements. It’s not too much to ask for, but it thankfully delivers, doing so without overly draining the battery power. This can be a common problem in many modern smartphones.
Built-in features
The average smartphone user is typically on the go, and understandably wants a phone that can do many things. So, what exactly can be expected from your new device?
Most smartphones now have a camera, since people don’t want to carry both around. iPhone 5, for instance, comes with an 8 megapixel camera, giving you plenty to work with. Throw in a front mounted camera for face to face communication, and you have some rather robust options to play with.
Of course, there is more to a phone than just the camera. There’s a touchscreen display, allowing for intuitive controls. This simple control scheme ensures that you can easily access and navigate the device.
Furthermore, as is becoming increasingly standard with many modern devices, you will almost certainly be able to make use of Wi-Fi connections. A fast and smooth wireless connection ensures your phone is connected on the go, ensuring fast data speeds and connection to the internet.
Finally, let’s not forget that smartphones are easily customised, thanks to the rise of apps and app markets. Your choice of phone will affect what apps you can have. Fortunately, iPhone 5 has access to the Apple App Store, which is arguably one of the best and largest application markets available – it has over 700,000 apps. It’s worth remembering that it was Apple’s range of iPhones that pushed the popularity of such apps to begin with.

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