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The Top 5 Most Valuable Gemstones in the World

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” was a popular phrase coined by the advertising agency for De Beers, one of the world’s largest diamond miners and retailers. This fascination with rare gemstones and jewellery has grown as the media put pressure on women to look their best.

Due to the rarity of these gems, they are very sort after and highly desirable. Diamonds usually get known for being the most expensive gems around but this is not the case. A rare gem can go on any silver jewellery in the form of a ring, pendant, necklace or bracelet. The rarest gems tend to be ones that you probably haven’t heard of, and this suggests just how rare they really are. Here are five of the rarest and some of their properties:

5. Painite – £40,000/Carat

Although considered very rare, it was believed at one point to be the rarest gemstone around. It was discovered in Myanmar by a British mineralogist and was then named after him. Before 2005 there was believed to be less than 25 stones in existence.

4. Blue Garnet – £1m/Carat

You can expect to see garnet in a number of different colours, but blue is the rarest and was not discovered until the late 1990s in Madagascar. Since, it has been found in parts of the USA and Russia and creates a shimmering effect in the light that appears to change colour. A 4.2 carat example of the gemstone sold recently for £4m.

3. Serendibite – £1.3m/Carat

This rare gemstone is blue in colour and hails from the Sri Lanka area. The mineral is made up from a mixture of calcium, aluminium, boron, magnesium and some oxygen. This unique gem has only been discovered 3 times and all 3 examples are all very small in size, under 1 carat to be specific.

2. Red Diamond – £1.5m/Carat

There are few in existence and when they sell at auction they send to sell for millions. The colour is not a defined red, but they are the most valuable diamonds in existence. Australia is generally known for the production of these, but again are rarely seen in a cut and polished format.

1. Jadeite – £3m/Carat +

This mineral is a beautiful rich green in colour and has been discovered in Guatemala and California. A necklace of this mineral was bought featuring 25 small beads of the gem for over £6m. This was a sale in 1997 in Hong Kong. It’s rarity is unknown as well as the source for most it, making it elusive and mysterious at the same time.

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