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Multiple Laser Uses in the Modern Age

Times they are a-changin’, and invasive surgery is becoming a thing of the past.

Lasers are moving into the top spot as the healthcare professional’s go-to instrument for surgery, microdermabrasion, rehabilitation, and Powerpoint-slide-pointer, to name a few.

With the evolution of laser technology, they’re not only being used in more new and exciting ways, but they’re also becoming safer. The more widespread their use, the more research is being conducted across the world. With all we know about laser technology now, the future is looking bright.

Perhaps the most complex use of a laser in the healthcare field is to perform surgeries. Surgical lasers must be incredibly precise—especially when dealing in the neurologic or pulmonary systems. And still, imagine how dangerous it was when doctors had only their hands to rely on. Needless to say, we’ve come a long way in only a few years.

More evidence of this fact can be seen in how we’ve even discovered how to use cold lasers. Lasers, by the way, are focused beams of light, ergo heat. Lasers can cut through nearly anything, including the hardest metals and the coldest ice. They can make precise engravings and shoot miles and miles into space.

However, they can also be created to produce low-level energy that holds the precision qualities without any of the burn potential. This cold laser therapy is perfect for specific medical needs, like wound healing and pain management.

Lasers are more precise and controllable than the old scalpel-and-incision model where the incidence of human error is much higher.

A higher-quality surgery will lessen visible scarring, which goes even further to boost confidence of the patient.

As the technology advances, so too does the equipment. These days, laser equipment is handheld. No more enormous machines, and it no longer takes a team of technicians and scientists to operate it. Now, a simple three-pound handheld device can produce a laser to actually mend someone’s medical ailment.

And that’s what it’s all about. People go to healthcare professionals seeking help, solutions and action. It’s incredibly frustrating for a patient to continually seek relief from pain but constantly find no respite. A healthcare professional armed with the latest laser technology can finally offer that most elusive thing: help.

And that little bit of help can turn a life around. It can give someone the power to stand where they couldn’t before, or the power to see where before there was only darkness. And lasers light the way.

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