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Sleepwalking Study Reveals 1 in 3 Experience the Phenomenon

A new study shows that a surprising amount of people will sleepwalk at one point in their lives.

The habit of wandering around without conscious control is one that can undoubtedly be dangerous. In fact, in some cases people have been known to partake in activities that put themselves or others at risk.

The latest survey confirmed however that out of the 16,000 adults involved in the study, about 29 percent say they have sleepwalked at some point in their lives. This is the first type of non-laboratory study on the phenomenon as many researchers felt that changing the environment away from where the person normally sleeps could disrupt the behavior and therefore undermine the results of the study.

The study also addressed other situations, such as the use of sleeping pills or heavy drinking, that are known to make people partake in this abnormal nighttime phenomenon. It also appears that those taking medication for OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) or depression are more prone to sleepwalking though it’s hard to prove whether it is the condition or the medication which actually spurs the underlying cause.

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