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Yousef Gharbi, Victim of Aurora Movie Massacre Attends His Own Benefit Event

Yousef Gharbi:  A True American Hero And Motivational Person

Yousef Gharbi was critically injured during the 2012 Aurora Movie Theater Massacre that left 12 people dead and 58 others injured.  He was shot through the head and the bullet actually lodged itself into his skull.  Despite this very nerve-racking injury and near-death experience, Yousef Gharbi continues to show the world how amazing and valuable life really is.

There was recently an event and fundraiser held in his honor and the entire crowd was pleasantly shocked when they saw Yousef Gharbi himself in attendance.  He was not expected to be there due to the fact that the injuries he sustained were so bad and most assumed he would still be recovery.  After working up the strength to attend his own fundraiser he also took photos with his family.

This young man is really a great example and motivation to me personally seeing how much strength and courage he has had in order to maintain his level of hope and strength through this process.


This note was released onto the website for Yousef Gharbi on

We did get to meet the 2 officers that saved his life. One of them is British, I believe, and I instantly picked him out. He was looking at my son with shock in his face. I almost thought he would start crying. When Yousef asked which of them was responsible for saving and driving him to the hospital the policeman was unable to answer but immediately pointed out by the others. He soon came around, because of Yousef’s goofy comments, and joined in the joking and laughing.

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