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Jason Mraz Makes History With Concert Against Human Trafficking

Jason Mraz makes will be making history next month by being the first International artist to perform an open air concert in Myanmar. The Grammy-winning singer will be performing in the country in December to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Jason Mraz will headline a free outdoor concert on December 16 at People’s Square in Yangon, at the base of Shwedagon Pagoda. The show will be hosted by MTV EXIT, the music channel’s initiative to raise awareness about human trafficking and exploitation. Local acts will perform and be broadcasted on the national Myanmar television and will air on MTV’s international network in 2013.

“That’s pretty exciting,” said Mraz about the history involved,”and I’m going there with an enormous amount of gratitude and respect, and I hope we can actually make a difference. I hope it’s also a testament to the songs. I’ve always wanted my songs to be about healing and self-empowerment, and this is the way MTV is acknowledging that, then I am incredibly grateful.” Mraz first became interested in the issue about four years ago when he attended the Freedom Awards, an annual salute to those working against human exploitation put on by the organization Free the Slaves. The singer performed a similar concert in the Phillipines last year.

Myanmar is opening itself to the world since a military junta ceded power to a new elected government last year. The government ran by President Thein Sein has pushed the country toward democracy. On Monday, President Obama is scheduled to become the first sitting U.S President to visit the country.


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