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Marketing Giant Advice Interactive Gives Businesses SEO Girth

Social Media is the inevitable juggernaut with most businesses clambering to get onto the speeding wagon before the cart sails down the path without their business aboard. Most of the people on social media are consumers, meaning they often discuss brands, products, companies, and services. If you approach social media the right way, they’ll start talking about your business for hours upon end. It’s a double-edged sword, though, since what they talk about depends on how well you do your business and how you manage these consumer-driven conversations depends on your interactivity.

Simply put, social media changes everything: It turns marketing belly-up, gives the consumer tremendous power to affect our brand image, and acts a catalyst for the fastest word-of-mouth phenomenon in the world, ever. Each of the large networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Stumble Upon have billions of people combined. These social media enthusiasts log in everyday and read every message posted there, yet none are as adequately prepared to throw together social media stratagems quite meticulously such as Advice Interactive could in less time than most could ever dream possible.

Advice Interactive Group was recently named to the 2012 Inc. 500 list of Fastest Growing Companies and is proud to share the honor with our clients and partners which they interact with. Their unwavering promise of social media marketing perfection and clientele success ensures this McKinney, Texas dynamo will stay on this prestigious list for years to come. Advice Interactive comes in at 155 overall on the Inc. 500 list while they’re holding steady at #21 in the advertising and marketing categories.

Current State Of Social Media Growth

Facebook boasts of 900+ million people; Pinterest is the 3rd largest social media behemoth with an accumulated 10.4 million users (a good 97 minutes is spent on Pinterest by an average American); Google + now has more than 170 million active users (while an average American spends at least 3.3 minutes on it).  YouTube adds about 60 hours of movie per minute and climbing.  Is your business being adequately mitigated in front of this social media regime?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with more than 175 million members spread over 200 countries and territories (that’s almost the entire world) and more than 2 million companies have “LinkedIn pages” already. You need a strategic approach to social media marketing because your business cannot sustain random results.  How can Advice Interactive kickoff your preemptive social media strikes?

Many have hired their team of social media managers to inaugurate social media marketing strategies custom-tailored for every business. We then deploy resources to get your customers to take notice, to talk, to spread the word, and to make take your engagement metrics up by several notches.  When Inc. pegged Advice Interactive high on their growth list, it was with merit.

Targeted Marketing Still Works, Too

The web is energetic, luminous and full of titillated customers willing to submerge deep into your business’ offerings. Targeted web marketing presents the opportunity necessary to propagate potential sales, retain long-term customers and grow your business with the support of consumers nearly hand-picked through campaigning procedures indicative of confident business presences across the world.  Many people deem targeted marketing as tumultuous, especially since not one single methodology works 100% in solidarity.

Instead of throwing sheets of paper into the wind tunnels of search engines, Advice Interactive invariably provides direct sponsorship to targeted niche websites to help promote your business while helping maintain solid fundamental practices which keep prospects rolling inward. Each of our chosen authority websites used in our campaigning gets substantial yet reliable visits daily. This fact, wholly, gives your own business the potential for tons of direct exposure, traffic, and solid visitors to your own website.

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