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The Benefits of Plasma Activated Water

When a child never gets sick and is the only one in the school with this record, then you should certainly ask what was different about that child. This child was lucky enough to be born to the CEO of Hydro Enterprises, who, in 2003/04 accidentally stumbled upon Plasma Activated Water, now more commonly known as PAW.

The team of Russian physicist and engineers used PAW to cool down their plasma experiments. To their surprise, remarkable benefits to plants, animals and the environment became possible with the most dramatic gain being found in humans who consumed the PAW.

For the technically minded, 2.5pH Palma activated water is both antiviral and antibacterial. It also kills anthrax dead inside 30 seconds.

Research provides proof

Although most people won’t have even heard of plasma activated water, it has become well documented over the past eight to nine years.

Applied Physics went so far as to say that water mixed with compounds in ionised plasma halts the increase and power of 99% of dangerous bacteria and can keep up its antibacterial powers for at least a week. This benefit can be applied to the sterilisation of medical equipment and for the treatment of wounds and many infections.

As devices that produce the plasma are low in cost, they can prove to be of great medical benefit especially to third world countries where all expenditure counts. PAW could show to be vital in battlefields, disaster zones and where it’s difficult to find sufficient supplies of sterile water for medical use.

Current problems

In countries where finance is difficult for medical services, infection control is one of the most difficult problems for medical units. Poorly financed operations are 3 to 5 times more likely to suffer from widespread infections compared to the better funded countries. This is where PAW should be available at low cost to help control infection outbreaks. It can also be used in place of bleach and surgical antibiotics.

Berkeley and Maryland universities have carefully studied the effects of low temperature plasmas to see their effect on E. coli and mad cow disease with wonderful results. The plasma produces vacuum ultraviolet photons, electrons and radicals that are able to switch off the E. Coli and mad cow disease molecules.

Companies have already agreed to patent water technology with PAW that provides water with a 9.5pH level with important and positive Oxygen Reduction Potential readings. It is hoped that bottling plants can be located close to sales areas to reduce both shipping and handling costs. This should help PAW to be produced in disaster zones and remote locations so safe water can be provided for all those who need it. No doubt a number of richer countries will try to take advantage of the low production costs and the high expectations.

It takes time to develop plasma activated water, but the future looks bright both for the medical profession and certainly for countries where healthcare budgets are far too low.

Damien Higgins writes for Eden Springs, the UK’s No. 1 bottled water supplier.

(Image: Alan Daley/Flickr) 

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