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The 13 Sins of the DIY Devil

DIY Devil

Damn that little DIY devil, sitting on your shoulder telling you to skimp on materials and buy more wall filler. He suggested DIY in the first place, you don’t even like DIY. Last time you used any tools was in design technology, where you spent most of your time melting plastic into rude shapes and sanding down blocks of wood into nothing more that sawdust.

The good old days when you were expected to make a mess…

But now, here you stand, in front of a half destroyed kitchen, hammer swinging from your shaking hand, protective mask, sounding more and more like a crime scene with every second.

All because the DIY devil told you to – here are his 13 sins, you have been warned and now have no excuse!

1) This particular item is on sale – it’s very good value, they can probably source it cheaper because it’s so popular and they buy in bulk. It’s probably just as good as the premium ones.

2) Well, if one corner is a bit broken you might as well rip the whole lot out.

3) That’s enough for today, although it only took you a short amount of time it looks like you have done lots. Good work.

4) Nah, I wouldn’t bother painting that, you probably won’t see it when you put it in.

5) Safety goggles are for wimps

6) You don’t need ventilation for that, its wood, it’s all natural.

7) I don’t need any help! DIY is a one person job – ‘It’s do it yourself’, not ‘do it yourselves!’

8) Well, it looks level and I should trust my instincts.

9) You can use power tools, how hard can it be. Bigger is better = job done faster. The nail gun looks lonely up there on the plastic shelving all by itself, and it’s the perfect tool for just about any job. There is no such thing as overkill in the building trade.

10) Yes, you are in the building trade now. Don’t hesitate to give your advice to others on a number of subjects even if you haven’t actually attempted them yourself.

11) Duct tape will probably do the job.

12) If it falls down afterwards then it was probably not that stable anyway. Its best that you knock it down now before someone has an accident.

13) You’ve had an accident? That’s just a graze, a deep graze, but a graze nonetheless. Don’t tell anyone, it’s not worth it. If you are feeling a bit dizzy it’s probably because you are dehydrated. Have another cup of tea and get back to work.

Is there a little DIY devil inside of all of us?


Estelle Page is a thirty-something tenacious DIY fanatic, loving life with her husband and two kids. When she’s not redecorating her or a friend’s home she writes blogs for Rapid Racking about her DIY experiences.

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