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Is Green Waste Disposal Cost Effective

Green Waste

There is a large stigma that surrounds the word “green”. It seems that society seems to be divided on the thought process behind the green movement. The truth is that there are a lot of rumors floating around out there, and many of them are completely false. We want to dispel some of the rumors surrounding green waste disposal.

Is It more Expensive to Recycle Electronics?

This is a very tricky question to answer because there is a two part answer. The basic answer is that it can be, but it is necessary. Think about how often the average person or company replaces their computers. Most people begin to look at computers after about 2 years of owning one. Computers become outdated so quickly that it is difficult to keep up with the latest trend. That means that the average person could own approximately 30 computers in their lifetime. That is a lot of hardware.

Most computers may be slightly outdated, but they are far from useless after only a couple of years. If you recycle your computer not only will you be able to get a little money back for it, but a person that is not as fortunate to be able to afford a brand new computer can begin to use yours. This alone will help do reduce the toxic waste that comes out of old electronics. Add to the fact that you are recycling your computer instead of just throwing it into a landfill someone and you are doing your part to preserve the earth for future generations.

How is a Compost Helpful?

Many people recycle their leftover rinds, egg shells, old fruits and veggies, and many other items and place them in their compost bin. Is this really more cost effective than throwing them out? First of all most people who keep a compost bin choose to do so in order to build fertilizer for plants or gardens. This saves a great deal of money not having to purchase fertilizer with harmful chemicals or growth agents infused in them. Even if you never use the compost, which is very unlikely, you are reducing the amount of garbage that your family produces. The less garbage means the less energy that is expelled to dispose of it.

Is recycling really Worth the Energy?

A lot of people fell that more energy is expelled in the process of recycling than what is benefitted from the expended energy. The truth is that yes it takes a decent amount of work to recycle all of the plastic, glass, cardboard, paper, electronics, and metals that people use. There have been some clever developments that have been created using recycled tiles such as paper products, bottles, tiles, and much more. You also have the fact that many people a much more conscious of what they are consuming so they try a lot harder to not be as wasteful. There is only so much of earth that we can trash before we run out of space. While it may seem like a hassle you are helping the planet and the future generations to have a planet to enjoy.

The bottom line is that yes it does cost money to recycle of all the possible products, but the effort made in recycling now saves a bigger effort in the future. It is a lot more difficult to try to fix something once it is broken than to just try and simply prevent it from happening. Recycling can be done cost effectively if done properly, but the concentration is more on preventing future damage than the bottom dollar.

Author Bio: Davis Miller is the author of this article. He is working as a self employed content writer and guest blogger. He has a site for online selling of simplehuman recycling bin and other recycling products.

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