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Effect of College Ranking and Online College Student Reviews during Admission

Online CollegePlanning and preparing for college could be quite daunting. This is because there is a lot that needs to be done before one finally gains admission into his/her school of choice. In this regard, many students do find college ranking or the rating of colleges useful since it helps them narrow their choices among the several options that are available to them. This way they can reduce the number of schools under consideration based on their own criteria.

Different Approaches, Different Ratings

Different ratings often yield different results. This is sometimes done on purpose and a very good example of this is the Washington Monthly College Guide, which was created as an alternative guide to others including the U.S. News & World Report. Its focus is a departure from the trend of paying attention to what the colleges are doing for their students, as it pays attention on what these institutions of learning are accomplishing for their nation.

The effect these different approaches and ratings can have on admission processing may be to create confusion in the minds of applicants. But this should not be so since each college guide has its mandate and is geared up towards achieving same. Therefore, in order to address this, each applicant needs to be familiar with these ratings and what they seek to achieve vis-à-vis your own criteria. Also, there is a need to have it at the back of your mind that these ratings are most often not primarily based on the way each school provides instruction. And, so do not provide information regarding the ability of one school to be better than the other as far as instruction is concerned.

So what about Online College Student Reviews?

This indeed can affect the intake of students into any school since positive reviews will encourage more and more people considering this school to get in. Similarly, negative reviews from college students of any school will most likely adversely affect admission into the school in question. A number of ways this can happen include: an increase in the number of applicants, increase in quality of those applying, etc.

A Number of Stats that matter

Now there are a number of stats that do matter when one is considering admission into any school. And, although various organizations employ different means in arriving at their ratings or reviews such as by allowing students carry out this out or by doing it themselves, there are important metrics in any ratings equation that one needs to take note of. They are the giving rate of the Alumni as well as the retention rate of the freshman year.

The giving rate of the alumni is a measurement of the percentage of ex-students of the concerned institution that are giving back to it. This of course says a lot about the school. In other words, a higher giving rate is a good sign that ex-students of a school had a wonderful time in school when they studied here. While the retention rate of the freshman year is a metric that firstly shows that students are happy about their experience in school, but this metric can also show how supportive a school has been financially and academically.             

Even though school ranking and online college student reviews can help you make the decision regarding a school especially one that possesses a well-regarded reputation, it will not necessarily tell you the school that is right for you. Therefore, before deciding on which school to attend there is a need to discuss this with other students as well as in visiting the schools in question if possible before making your decision.

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