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The Top Three College Graduation Gifts for 2013

College Graduation Gifts

Kids today… need gadgets! When this graduation season rolls around, don’t disappoint your new college graduate with bonds that mature in 20 years. Get the grad something he or she can use for work or play—or, more realistically, something that will help them find a job. And hey, they can even use these things to stay in touch with you, mom.


Hardly a job can be found these days without Internet access. But instead of spending thousands of bucks on a PC that will surely break when your grad moves into his or her new place, look at rugged computers that were designed to handle the tough conditions of young adulthood.


Take a look at these three awesome gifts for 2013 that college grads can use in a variety of ways, including…


Documenting Their Job Search


“I’m putting these right up on Facebook!” This is the first thing most college grads think about when they take a picture. Whether they’re documenting their morning cereal choice or asking friends what outfit they should wear to the coffee shop down the block, they need an easy-to-use point-and-shoot camera to document their daily lives.


Lives that may, just may, include looking for a job. At least, that’s what their posts and status updates lead you to believe.


Sharing the Progress of Their Job Search


Many college grads enjoy a little trip before starting a new career or settling into their childhood bedroom at home. For that reason, they’d find a rugged notebook more useful than a regular fragile laptop or clunky PC.


Give them something that will withstand a cross-country road trip, a backpacking adventure through Europe or even the salty breeze of a kayaking trip in the Florida Keys. Plus, these tough laptops last longer than the average college grad’s monthly allowance.


Maybe Actually Starting a Job Search


Once your grad has finally tasted life on his or her own, once the funds are depleted and they threaten to move back in with you, you’ll regret not buying them that tablet computer. With it, they could have written their resume, applied for jobs and even held teleconferences with potential employers—all the while sitting at the coffee shop down the block.


College kids these days are truly leading the charge into more technologically advanced territory. No longer is a regular laptop going to cut it; so help your kids evolve with a rugged laptop, tablet or cell phone that can literally take them anywhere… including a job interview.







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