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The Anti-Bullying Movement Goes Viral

Bullying has been a major problem for a long time now. The rate of adolescent depression is on the rise and everyone from average parent to Hollywood’s finest are advocates of the Anti-Bullying movement. We all know that being bullied is a horrible and lonely existence but it wasn’t until Shane Koyczan that I found sympathy for the bully as well.

Shane Koyczan is a native Canadian author, poet, and musician who is going viral. His poem “To This Day” is an inspiring story of a child who went from bullied to bully to man. He speaks on the unfair questions adults always ask children as well as the way their reply to your answer would contradict the “You can be anything” stance all adults claim to believe in.

He weaves the story of many young lives within the poetic words he spews; connecting to the pain of every person who has ever felt even a little alone or misunderstood. He breaks hearts with the retelling of a child broken by not only others but the child himself all the while using humor so you don’t even realize how deeply you care for this character until the end. “To This Day” is twelve minutes of understanding and inspiration we all should hear.

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