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Italians Interested In The Cayman Islands


Fulvio Bonati, a Cayman-based dive master that is from the Italy, recently returned from two major tourism events alongside the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism.

“The BIT International Tourism Exchange in Milan is the biggest event in Italy,” Mr. Bonati said of the conference, which ran from 14 to 17 February. “We also went to the EUDI and DIVEX European Dive show, which is the biggest in Europe [from 15 to 17 February]. My company, Mete Subacque, had stands and the Department of Tourism at EUDI. We worked with Don McDougall and his assistants [from the European office of the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism] and it has been great.”

Many contacts were made and there was a lot of interest in coming to Cayman during these conferences, he said.

“There is a crisis in Italy,t Italians always go on vacation regardless,” Mr. Bonati said. “Italians are also tired of the same places like Cuba and Santa Domingo, for example. They want new, safe and clean places with different options for nightlife.”

“The Cayman Islands offer good food, great diving and also lots to do on land along with the relaxation,” he noted.

“People say that Cayman is expensive,” said the divemaster and tourism associate. “But it is in the mid- to high-end sector and is safe. The healthcare is good and as there is an Italian speaking doctor here that reassures families with kids. Trips to the other islands are also popular and there’s no problem with needing vaccinations or anything like that.”

Mr. Bonati’s statements made Italians interested to book a vacation to the Cayman Islands.

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