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Killer Mike At The Late Night Show

It’s another big win for hip-hop as El-P and Killer Mike performed “Untitled” off the album, R.A.P. Music. Joining them was Scar and ended it being quite a performance. The legendary rap artist, Killer Mike, calls himself “One Lucky Bastard” after having the opportunity to perform “Untitled”.

Killer Mike tells SOHH about the appearance. “David Letterman’s booker is a wonderful woman, she loves R.A.P. Music and ‘Untitled’ was her favorite record,” he explained. “And I’m the lucky bastard that made it. It’s that simple. I appreciated her for booking me and I appreciate Dave for giving me the okay.”

Mike revealed that he had a personal connection to the “Late Show,” which made the appearance all the more special. “It was actually pretty dope. It was a lot of pressure because that’s what I used to watch with my grandpa. God rest the dead, I know he was somewhere watching. I was really nervous.”

The Atlanta rapper added that his late-night television plans are far from over. “I’m going to be really nervous when the day comes and I do Leno because I want to see his cars… If you come see me on a show, you’re going to see a little bit of everything. You’re going to see some rapping, talking and some funny shit. I would love to do Kimmel, Fallon, Leno, Letterman again and daily within the same blocks. We’re gonna keep pushing and making dope records and hopefully you guys will keep supporting and giving me the opportunity.”

Watch Killer Mike’s performance below.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]i4nF4d_H4PM[/youtube]

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