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The Host Movie Review – A New Film from The Author of the Twilight Saga


“The Host”

This movie, “The Host” is a film adaptation of a book written by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer.


The Host
“The Host”


The Good News: “The Host” is nothing like Twilight nor is it supposed to be haha.

The Bad News: The best part of my trip to AMC Times Square to watch this movie came during the closing credits. A song called “Radioactive” (by Imagine Dragons) started playing and everyone (except me) was lip singing along to the lyrics as they exited the theatre. Good song, anyway back to the  “The Host”…


“The Host” Movie Review

The Plot: “The Host” is about parasitic aliens and contrary to their description they are supposed to be loving, caring and peaceful beings. Yet, they come to earth to take over the minds and bodies of humans in an effort to make our planet a more peaceful and harmonious world.

But of course like in all alien invasion flicks, in ”The Host” the humans aren’t having it! It’s one thing to take over our planet but it’s another thing to take over our planet AND our bodies lol. So yeah, the humans naturally resist the parasitic alien occupiers.

Now Here’s The Twist: In  “The Host” a “resistor” named Melanie (main character played by Saoirse Ronan) is captured and her body is taken over by an alien soul. Yet, Melanie continues to resist and convinces the alien soul occupying her body to switch sides. And so the fight to save humans begins…

Rating: I give  “The Host” a 3 out 5 stars (mostly for Saoirse Ronan’s performance). Saoirse Ronan was born in the Bronx, New York City, and grew up in Ireland (interesting). She is the only reason why this film is worth watching.

My Recommendation: Wait for this to come out on DVD or digital download 😉

The Host
“The Host”

You can check out “The Host” movie trailer here.


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