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Okinawa Travel Is a Japan Must!

Meet The Locals

Nice People In Japan, Video To Prove It

Are people nice on the street to you? Well the Meet The Locals series by the Okinawa Tourism organization has put that concept and people to the test around the world in locations such as New York, and you guessed it, Okinawa. They have a talent go up to random people in the street or in bars to ask them questions and for help. Many of the people are quite helpful and help people such as an American in Japan learn what things like Sake are and how to pronounce certain things.

Experiences like these show that people in general are quite nice! One guy at a table in Japan invites the lonely sole actor to come and drink with him and his friends at their table and share story. They all have a couple drinks and even get to the point where they offer the American a place to stay! Surely this isn’t something that you can expect to happen every day, but it seems as if the people are quite nice and this might happen more often than not!

We enjoyed watching the series and some of the nice things that people did for each other, especially at these bars, like help pick out great pics. Let us know your thoughts on these videos after you watch them and how your perspectives on places such as Okinawa change after watching them! They look very real and seem to be completely random so maybe we should all go over there and try for yourself!

What would you have asked if you were one of the tourists in Okinawa? Leave us some good ideas in the comments below.


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