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Child Reading Breakthrough: A Gift to Parents

Wasn’t it an amazing feeling the day you started reading? As a child reading for the very first time, we all felt like we could conquer the world, right? Don’t tell me you don’t remember this critical moment in your early life!

Okay, okay, I’m exaggerating a bit. Actually, the majority of us can’t remember a time when we COULDN’T READ. You’ve been reading for so long that imagining a time when you were unable to combine letters into words is difficult. It almost feels like we arrived in this world as the most educated babies in the history of all humanity — did we show up reading without any problems?

But we all started from somewhere. There was a moment when your frustration transitioned into a child reading his or her first words. From that moment, you never turned back.

HOWEVER, this does not mean that learning to read was an easy task or one that came naturally from the beginning. Any child reading a sign, book or screen had his or her own experience. Not all of them can be counted among the success stories.


Child Reading Breakthrough for Kids & Adults

Where do we even begin? For some kids, they pick up the concepts and ideas that shape our reading abilities with great ease. Of course there are the opposite situations. And in all of this, there are parents to equip. Let me give you a very PERSONAL EXAMPLE.

I have two daughters. They are both absolutely gorgeous, well rounded and hilariously funny. Their mother and I pour love upon them daily, and they are close in age. Not long ago, we noticed that when our younger girl saw another child reading, she got jealous. She WANTED THAT FOR HERSELF. Since her mother and I were having such a hard time teaching our older daughter, we dreaded having two early readers. The adults in this situation were quick learners, but we’ve had the hardest time taking our knowledge and making it attainable for our girls.

That was until we were introduced to Jim and Elena. On the outside, they look like your typical proud parents. Hidden in the daily carpools and evening playtime are two individuals with a GIFT FOR PARENTS.


A Child Reading is A Happy Child (& Family)

Before I say another word, I want to acknowledge the gerund in the room (a little literary pun for you): yes, this is a video teaching tool. Yes, you will order the program from one of those sites with a bunch of words and stats. And yes, you will pay your hard-earned money for it. It’s important that I’m FORTHRIGHT with you from the start. Not because there is anything wrong with this proven program, but because you are understandably concerned when you go to one of those sites.

Luckily for us, after we receive the DVDs, we have immediate proof that Jim and Elena are the real deal and not scammers pushing a child reading program. How? The facts speak for themselves:

– Their site shares 30 REAL, verifiable success stories (in addition to anecdotal and shorter email updates)

– The fundamentals of the program are based upon methods known to make a major difference in younger reader’s capabilities

– It only takes a few videos of 3 year-olds READING BETTER than kindergartners and up to prove its worth


As for my children, the younger girl started the program first to help her “catch up.” At 3 years old, she quickly surpassed her 5-year-old sister (a kindergartner) in a few weeks. Soon thereafter, my wife and I transitioned our older daughter to the child reading learning program, and she made up for lost time and poor methods at lightening speed.

We now have little ones who LOVE TO READ! Plus, they’ve officially ended our ability to spell out words to keep private info. private — UGH! Ha Ha!

This program is one of the best gifts parents can give themselves and their little ones. Take out the headache, frustration and hours of training. Replace the old ways with pleasant, 15-minute sessions tailored to fit any capabilities or personalities. Jim is your personal tutor, but since his program is so specialized, we are fortunate he doesn’t charge personal tutor prices. He doesn’t even come close.

While supplies last, this child reading program includes more bonus material than you can imagine, and it is yours for $49. This is not for a monthly membership or installment plan. These hardworking parents who also have day jobs and time constraints are keeping the price low so your happiness can reach an all-time high!

Whether your children are catching on, just getting started or irritated because they don’t have the words to say, this video breakthrough will be your go-to reading tool. Give Jim and Elena a try, then you’ll be added to their growing list of success stories and happy readers!


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