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  • 23 April

    5 Tips on Buying a 50cc Scooter

    With 50cc scooters being the norm in city centres nowadays, let’s look at some tips to take into consideration when buying one. Pass Your Test It may seem an obvious one but make sure you’re full legal to ride a scooter. If you have had a full UK driving license ...

  • 9 April

    Tips for Detailing Your Harley

    The average vehicle requires a lot of tools for maintenance. Car lifts or, in lieu of a car lift, a motorcycle lift helps to raise your machine to get to the undercarriage and wheels. Other tools help take your vehicle apart and put it back together again. As far as ...

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  • 12 December

    5 Of The World’s Fastest Road Bikes

    Motorcycles are beastly machines, known for their performance as they knife through lanes like metal cheetahs. There are, however, some bikes that can reach speeds above and beyond all knowable barriers, yet still remain street legal. As casual riders and enthusiasts alike are wont to enjoy a bit of motorcycle ...

  • 7 December

    Orange County Choppers Renewable Energy Bikes

    Orange County Choppers is an establishment that many people might have heard of, mainly owing to their popular television series ‘American Chopper’, that has made it nearly all around the world. You might well think that due to their brash ‘biker’ style, and the amazing custom choppers they produce, that ...