Thursday , November 19 2015


North Korea Continues Threats Of Nuclear Attack On US


North Korea has continued its threats towards the United States and vows to launch a first-strike nuclear attack against America despite efforts from the U.N Security Council. North Korea threatens to engulf the U.S in a “sea of fire”. An unidentified spokesman for Pyongyan’s Foreign minister confirmed that North Korea ...

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Colorful Culture in Flushing: New York’s Other Chinatown

New York’s Other Chinatown

Flushing, Queens is home to New York City’s second-largest Chinatown. The signs in Chinese are just as prominent as the English signs, giving the street a dazzling visual effect due to the intricate shapes of Chinese characters and lettering. Although this Chinatown might not be as well known as the ...

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David Coleman Headley Sentenced to 35 years for Mumbai Attack

David Coleman Headley

An american has been sentenced to thirty-five years for aiding the planing of the 2008 attack on Mumbai, leaving one hundred sixty-six people dead. David Coleman Headley (age fifty-two) co-operated and plead guilty, thereby avoiding the extradition to India and the death penalty. Chicago prosecutors pushed for a lighter sentence ...

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California Wine Country Holiday Forecast: More DUI Checkpoints

California Wine Country Holiday Forecast More DUI Checkpoints

California Wine Country Holiday Forecast: More DUI Checkpoints California is one of the most beautiful states in the country to visit. There are many reasons why people choose to vacation in the state, but anyone who visits should try their best to enjoy the wineries in Napa Valley. The history ...

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