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March, 2013

  • 28 March

    Atlanta Gets Rid Of Toll

    If you live in Atlanta then you know that the toll on GA-400 can be a pain. If you are not familar with the toll then you should know it is located on Highway 400. The toll is right between exit 4 and the beginning of the lenox area exits. The price is $.50 ...

  • 27 March

    10 Easiest Languages For English Speakers

    If you want to learn a new language then I would encourage you. Learning a new language has many benefits. One benefit is that learning a new language raises the chances of you being able to have a higher salary. Another benefit is that people who know more than one ...

  • 25 March

    Let’s Go To Amsterdam

    Considering traveling to The Netherlands? Well, I recently went on a trip there and fell in love. The city itself is absolutely breathtaking, and the culture is infectious. Whether this is your first time traveling to Amsterdam, or you frequent there, I wanted to share with you some tips that ...

  • 24 March

    Visiting West Palm Beach: Safe Ways to Tour the City

    West Palm Beach is a popular tourist destination, but it also deals with a large quantity of traffic on a daily basis. Therefore, drivers who are unfamiliar with the area might find themselves stuck in a traffic jam or dealing with an automobile accident. Avoiding these issues is quite easy, ...

  • 18 March

    China Is A Top Arms Exporter

    China has become a top arms exporter in the global market as of the last 4 years. China has replaced Britain as the number 5 arms exporter. This category is still dominated by America and Russia which accounted for thirty and twenty six percent of the worlds arms trade. This ...

  • 17 March

    Italians Interested In The Cayman Islands

      Fulvio Bonati, a Cayman-based dive master that is from the Italy, recently returned from two major tourism events alongside the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism. “The BIT International Tourism Exchange in Milan is the biggest event in Italy,” Mr. Bonati said of the conference, which ran from 14 to ...

  • 13 March

    Nearly 6,000 dead pigs in Chinese river

    Nearly 6,000 dead, bloated pigs have been pulled from a river flowing through central Shanghai. Chinese officials predict more corpses will be discovered, although, they continue to confirm the cities water is safe. Xinhua (a state run news agency) confirms, in a Zhejiang Province (located in east china) court, authorities have pressed ...

  • 8 March

    Blast In a Glass – Has Jersey Shore Changed The Party Scene?

    Before Nicole Polizzi, also known as Snooki, joined the cast of “Jersey Shore,” she already had a fractured history with teenage drinking. At the age of 17, Snooki was selling alcohol at a party to other underage guests, and this led to a drunk driving death. Snooki was charged due ...

  • 7 March

    North Korea Continues Threats Of Nuclear Attack On US

    North Korea has continued its threats towards the United States and vows to launch a first-strike nuclear attack against America despite efforts from the U.N Security Council. North Korea threatens to engulf the U.S in a “sea of fire”. An unidentified spokesman for Pyongyan’s Foreign minister confirmed that North Korea ...

February, 2013