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  • 29 December

    Top Five Best Green Cars

    In the past few years, gas prices have risen to unprecedented levels and there have been fuel shortages in some areas, which led to major changes in the auto industry. As people held off on buying cars and spent less on fuel, automakers began promoting hybrid cars as the way ...

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  • 31 October

    Make a Fast Buck

    Let’s face it – we could all use some extra cash, especially at this time of year.  For most of us, taking a second job isn’t an option, and there isn’t much overtime going around, so if you want to make some extra cash, you will need to get creative.  ...

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  • 25 August

    Why You Need SR22 Insurance in Illinois

    Each state has some type of autmobile insurance requirement that is mandatory for every registered vehicle. It can be difficult for the state to keep track of who has and who does not have insurance.   Having uninsured motorists on the road is one reason automobile insruance rates have gotten ...