Interview With SEO Jo Blogs on State of Search Euro Roadshow

blankJo Turnbull recently traveled all across Europe taking part in the first State of Search Euro Roadshow.  A keen blogger with a passion in SEO, she wanted to find out about the search landscape in Europe and how it differs from the United Kingdon (UK).  All together she traveled to 6 countries and met 11 SEOs during her 31-day tour of Europe.

She traveled to the following places and interviewed the following SEOs while on the tour:

Berlin, Germany

Searchmetrics CTO Marcus Tober
Andre Alpar, a Partner of an international SEO company AKM3
Alessio Madeyski, SEO Manager of Zalando

Vienna, Austria

Bruce Jackson, founder of SEO Coach in Vienna, Austria

Florence, Italy

Niccolo Villiger and Katia Baroncelli – Partners of
Stefano Romeo and Lourdes Flores – Partners of
Andrea Cardelli  – Owner of
Elena Farinelli – Foudner of

Rome, Italy

Giuseppe Pastore, an Italian SEO specialist working in Italy’s capital

Check out some of the pictures Jo snapped along the way:

I interviewed Jo to find out about how she first started blogging and what she liked most about her Euro Roadshow:

State of Search

What inspired you to get into SEO and Blogging?

I was always interested in online marketing and websites but it wasn’t until I started working for a tech company, surrounded by website developers that I began blogging and learning about SEO.   I started SEOJoBlogs as I wanted to share all the useful tips I had learnt along with the answers to some of the SEO problems I had experienced.

What were a few of your most memorable experiences throughout ‘State of Search’?

I have a lot of memorable experiences throughout the State of Search Euro 2012 Roadshow so it is hard to pick just one. It was great to meet so many SEOs for lunch in Florence. There were 7 of us all together, talking about search in the UK and in Italy. I was really lucky to be able to interview the CTOs and Partners of SEO companies.  Some SEO professionals I met, had only recently started working in the search market but they were really passionate about it and have built up a large following on their blogs in quite a short time frame which I was impressed with.  Everyone was very friendly and eager to share their experience in search.

How did you select the locations and people that you would interview for this project?

I had planned a trip around Europe with Rail Europe. I knew there were a couple of people in Berlin before I started the Roadshow. There are many SEOs who blog for State of Search and they were really helpful in contacting the other SEOs. Bas van den Beld helped me to get in contact with SEOs in some of the countries I had planned to visit during the 31 day tour of Europe. I also used Twitter and Linkedin to connect with other SEO professionals.

How would you describe European Search Marketing versus other regions around the world?

The German market is very competitive like the UK and US. What I found interesting, was that the search market in Austria was very small and therefore any link building is immediately effective. I have worked in the Australian search market which is less competitive than the US or UK as it is smaller, but it is growing very quickly.

Will you be doing any more roadshows?

Yes, I am off to Stockholm this month for a long weekend. I will be in Stockholm on Thursday, August 16th and Friday, August 17th and will be meeting more SEOs. I will also be in Paris from the 5th of September until the 9th. Get in touch with me on Twitter @SEOJoBlogs if you are in Stockholm and Paris at these times and would like to be interviewed.
I hope to come to the US at the end of September/early October and meet American SEOs in Washington DC and NYC. There is a big SMX conference in NYC October 2nd to the 4th.

We really want to thank Jo Turnbull for her time and SEO tips and will continue to keep you updated on anything new and improved from the SEO ‘sphere’.
Rick Jeffries

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