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November, 2011

  • 20 November

    Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Appliances

    Stainless steel has long been used in by hotel or restaurant kitchens because it is low maintenance and easy to keep clean.  But if you’ve spent much time in appliances stores, or if you’re partial to watching the home improvement channel, you’ll know that stainless steel has also been trending ...

  • 20 November

    8 Great Ways to Get Organized

    There are really no right or wrong, or “one size fits all” techniques for getting your home organized. Any system you choose has to suit your life – your personal habits, and how you utilize space. Simple approaches such as being aware of areas that might be considered clutter “hot ...

  • 20 November

    Holiday Stain Removal Guide

    If the festivities have perhaps become too festive, or your cat decided to run an obstacle course in, through, and over your guests *just* as everyone was raising their glasses to toast another happy holiday, you might have ended up with some stains here and there. Whether you’re able to ...

  • 20 November

    How to Make the Perfect Espresso

    The subject of how to make the perfect espresso is one that sparks much debate among the coffee lovers of the world. How many grams of coffee should be used? Should the espresso have the consistency of honey or melted chocolate? Can you make an espresso without an espresso machine? ...

  • 20 November

    Stop Dreaming and Start Driving – A Guide to the World’s Greatest Drives

    What’s your idea of a great drive? Maybe you dream of cruising along an empty desert highway with the top down with wide open space stretching to the horizon. Perhaps you’re the type who desires the challenge of mountain roads with tight hairpin bends. Then again, maybe your ideal drive ...