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Extreme South Africa – Sports and Adventure Trips

Everyone needs to release stress after a hard day’s work. What better way to do this than to go on some amazing adventure which will surely bag you some amazing stories to tell your friends and family.

Just imagine going on a Kayak fishing adventure and landing that dream fish, zipping through the treetops of Tsitsikamma forest or driving through the savannah with leopards and lions prowling around. We thought it would be pretty amazing too, and that’s why we compiled a list of some amazing things to do while you are in South Africa.

Kayak Fishing

Most fishing spots around the coast have a lot of kelp and seaweed grabbing at your lines and stealing your hooks. It can become infuriating when you think you caught a whopper of a fish and struggle to bring it in for half an hour only to realise that it was the seaweed tugging at your line.

Well we have a solution to that problem and it’s called kayak fishing. With kayak fishing you can launch your fishing kayak from the shore and start paddling to your perfect spot with no one to hassle you or steal your space. Paddling to your ideal spot with the great blue below you makes for an exciting fishing experience.

Canopy tours on a zip line

Nothing like zipping through the canopy top of the Tsitsikamma forest to get the ol’ blood pumping. Travel from one treetop to the next with the wind rushing past your head and your feet dangling high in the air.

The lines are checked regularly and you are strapped in real good, so just let go and start zipping through the forest like a modern day Tarzan.

Bungee Jumping and Bridge Swinging


Work should never get so daunting that you want to jump off a bridge, unless you have a bungie cord wrapped around your legs – then its okay.

Go and have a daring jump at the third highest bungee platform in the world at Bloukrans in South Africa. The Bloukrans river rushes underneath at a whopping 216 meter drop and you’ll most likely be able to take a sip of the refreshing river water when you plunge down. Don’t worry we’re only joking…just watch out for the crocs though.

If jumping off the platform isn’t your thing then strap yourself in for a bridge swing, with either a single or dual load. It’s just as fun and, compared to the bungee jumping, you’ll be less likely to scream like a little girl.

Rock Climbing and Abseiling

If you’re tired of those low walls at the gym and want to take your wall climbing to a whole new level then look towards the mountains and, when looking to mountains, there are no better ones than on South African terrain.

We certainly don’t have a shortage on mountainous terrain and that makes for some great climbing adventures. Nothing beats an exhilarating climb with a great view at the end, and while we usually struggle with the climbing down, we’ve come to learn that abseiling down is much faster and more gratifying.

One of our favourite climbs is Table Mountain in Cape Town since it has the highest abseiling location at a 112 meter drop. The mountain range has many challenging trails as well as basic climbs for the adrenaline junkie just starting out.

Some locations include:

Western Cape

  • Table mountain
  • Van Stadens Gorge
  • Grips
  • Windmill Hole
  • Lady’s Slipper
  • Blouberg in Limpopo
  • Drakensberg Mountains
  • Magaliesberg

 Eastern Cape


Northwest Province

Safari tours

Want to get back to your roots? Then taking a bushveld tour, more commonly known as a safari, is the thing to do. Most bushveld trips have designated spots in the bush where you can stop for the night to settle down and rest. You’ll get excited or scared out of your wits as you hear wild animals trotting around the camp in the dead of night.

Bushveld trips by day are just as exciting, as you travel from waters pot to water spot to see wildlife in full daylight, if you’re lucky you’ll see some lions or cheetahs hunting.




A South African past time as far as we’re concerned, since were the only ones crazy enough to think up a sport like this. It’s called kloofing and the aim of the game is to start at the peak of a mountain and follow a stream all the way down. We’re not talking 9 centimetre deep streams, we’re talking off big rivers, waterfalls and deep pools. You can float down the river, abseil, jump down into the pool from a waterfall or swim to your heart’s content as long as you reach the bottom of the stream.

Some popular spots can be found in:


Western Cape

Theis popular kloof area offers jumping spots for the adventurous at heart, and there are side trails if you’re not too keen on jumping into the icy water.

  • Suicide Gorge
  • Steenbras River Gorge
  • Die Hel in Groot Winterhoek mountains
    • Magaliesberg

Northwest Province


This kloof spot offers rockslides and great spots for abseiling.

  • The Mfongosi River


There certainly are some great activities we haven’t mentioned such as shark cage diving, lion park adventures and more, but we feel we’ve given you a pretty good idea of the exciting things you can do in South Africa. Visit this great country and check them off your list!



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