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How the iPad Flipped the Tech World Upside Down

When the iPad first came out a number of years ago, we weren’t sure what to make of it.

It certainly looked really awesome, but we saw tablets from Dell and Microsoft way before the iPad that didn’t quite catch on. Luckily for Apple, it picked the right time to launch an aesthetic product that offered a truly fluid mobile environment.

After it launched, it went on to sell millions. Then it went on to evolve into the iPad 2 and then finally the new iPad.

With most of the tablet market awash in iPad devices, how did it manage to revolutionize the tech world?

Best in Class Design and Functionality

Sure, it might have been perhaps the only major tablet on the market at the time, but its gorgeous design and superior functionality put it heads and shoulders above the rest.

Its iOS operating system was the smoothest of the bunch, and the big screen made any task very easy to do, and even professionals could use it as a mobile command station for work.

App Store was Optimized

This still remains true today.

The iOS App Store for the iPad still offers users more tablet apps than any other mobile operating system out there, including Android. Android might have a lot of apps, but very few of them scale accordingly on tablets running Android.

This is not so on the iPad. There are thousands of tablet apps designed specifically for tablet use, while there are just hundreds of apps for tablets running Android. The iPad also offers some of the best business apps as well.

Price Wasn’t a Question

There’s no denying that the iPad was expensive. It was $499 for the lowest model, and that was without a 3G plan attached to it.

But people did not care. It was too awesome not to own.

Most people felt a smartphone paired with a laptop was more than sufficient and that a tablet was just an accessory, but neither of those gadgets helped meet the demand of people looking to do large screen media consumption and multi-touch interfacing.

It was more expensive than some laptops, but its benefits outweighed the price negatives.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was at the pinnacle of his success at this time. Everything he touched and came out with turned to gold, and all of his fans bought his products that he unveiled.

His ability to speak to an audience and joke around let everyone know that buying products from his company would be a smart decision, because they could trust that their iPad would be up-to-date and trouble free for many years to come.

And what do you know? The iPad is still the best tablet on the market today. Revolutionary? Indeed!

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