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How the World has Changed after BP Oil Spills

The BP oil spills have really made a lot of people take notice of the damage that all of the oil can do to the environment and the surrounding areas. The average person was more concerned with how expensive their fuel was becoming versus the damage that it was causing. After all of the media coverage of the BP oil spills it has change a lot of hearts on the consumption of oil

Oil Hurts

There has been literature available for years that would review all of the damage that we are doing to the environment with all of the consumption of oil. Many people were aware that it was an issue, but they were not aware of the extent of the damage that it was causing. The literature covers everything from global warming to the damage to the environment for the oil spills. The difficult part about an oil spill is that it is not like you can simply just take a mop and wipe it up. You have to invest a lot of time and energy to clean it all up, and there is a lot of damage and wildlife that is lost along the way.

Oil is difficult to get out of the water. It is also easy to spread which may take a small mess and make it a huge one in no time. Take the fact that the BP spills were a huge mess to begin with and you have quite a large amount of area to cover for clean-up. Anyone who knows about the oil clean-up in Alaska can tell you that it not only will create a lot of damage initially, but it can create a great deal of damage for years to come if not handled properly.

A lot of effort has been put into the clean-up of the BP oil spills, and while it is a terrible tragedy it might have been exactly what the world needed in order for them to sit-up and take notice. The oil consumption that is going on is hurting the environment which may not be a big deal to the average person, but it will be a big deal to their children and grandchildren.

Alternative Energy

One of the benefits of the BP oil spills is that it has led a lot of companies to put a strong focus on alternative energy development. This includes a large range of developments such as cars, solar panels, wind energy, and many other potential sources for energy. It is true that there has been some focus in recent years, but nothing has matched the level that there is now. Even the big money oil companies have begun to invest their time and energy into alternative energy development. Some companies have developed their own programs while others have simply invested in programs that just needed a stronger financial backing.

The negative PR that surrounded BP and all of the oil companies after the spills have led to a great deal of changes for the companies. Obama has gotten involved and sworn that he will help rectify the problem. He will make sure that the clean is done properly, and that the companies will take the proper precautions to avoid these things in the future. The oil companies have also invested a great deal of time and money into making all of their businesses more green friendly so that they are minimizing their own dependency on oil. These efforts are a huge step forward in finding alternative sources of energy that will be most cost effective and better for the environment.

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