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Eat At Trummer’s On Main in Clifton, Virginia


If you are looking for a great place to eat in the Northern Virginia area, you should definitely check out Trummer’s On Main.  Trummer’s is conveniently located right in the heart of Clifton, Virginia about 45 minutes outside of DC Metro.

The quiet and small town of Clifton has a lot to offer, with Trummer’s On Main essentially serving as the flagship dining location.  The level of service is unparalleled, and you will never have to ask for water or more bread.
Personally I recommend their Atlantic Salmon which comes served on a fresh pasta or rice.  To wash it all down, check out Trummer’s signature drink the Titanic, which is amazing.  I won’t ruin their secret recipe, so get in there for yourself and enjoy a great evening of dining and drinking.

Here is a photo gallery of Trummer’s On Main:

Check out their location below:

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Their different menus have a lot to offer and the service is fantastic!  Check it out for yourself:

Trummer’s Offerings:

For more information please visit Trummer’s On Main’s official website:
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