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Ground beef Muscle Building meal on a budget

Muscle Building meal

In the contemporary world, how you present yourself matters a lot in many ways. Some people have earned respect just by how they carry themselves while others have earned accolades for looking their best. This has been the struggle in our age; people try their best to achieve self and societal appeal which needless to say comes along with immense benefits. Amongst the many things that men aspire to have is the so called six packs which translate to mean a well built body segmented by chunks of muscles.

The building of muscles however has not been a walk in the park, for some it has been a bumpy road and a rough one indeed. From the kind of foods to be taken and the lifestyle to lead; building of strong and healthy muscles has been an elusive dream for many with some veering off the track to get into drugs just to boost the muscular tissues. Some of these drugs that are administered in the body do have side effects which if not properly examined can have serious health repercussions. Building of muscles needs discipline and patience; attributes which the current digital generation for one reason or another may not be endowed with.

With the tough economic times that most of us have passed through or are even currently in, it may be very difficult to afford expensive foods that can help in the muscle building process. Our budgets are characterized by essentials first than what is considered a luxury comes second. Unfortunately because of our misplaced priorities, we must often forget to include muscle building foods among our shopping lists and in the event we do, they appear amongst the last-to-be considered items. I blame this partly on the fact that we may not be aware that with proper allocation of funds, one can get a good body building meal on a simple budget. There are many foods in the market each of which is purporting to help in the enhancement of a given attribute. Well, while it may be true, when doing the shopping consider and closely examine the products before you buy. One of the foods that you can buy on a shoestring budget is ground beef.

Ground beef unlike other foods is rich in nutrients and has a proven record of performance from amongst those who have taken it as part of their muscle building plan.

To effectively build your muscles, there are specific nutrients which you must include them in your diet. Luckily most of these nutrients are found in ground beef and therefore it happens to be one of the choicest foods in any muscle building initiatives. Below is a synopsis of the nutrients and their possible usefulness in the muscle building plan.

Proteins and low carbohydrate content

Ground beef has been categorized as among the foods with low carbohydrate content and more of protein. Taking for instance about 100 grams of 93 percent lean ground beef, the number of calories in it is about 152. Such a serving of lean meat has about 21 grams of protein. Proteins are very instrumental in maintaining your muscles mass in addition to boosting the immune system. Proteins are officially the bodybuilding nutrients and when incorporated in the muscle building strategies, they blend well. Amino acids which are contained in the proteins are very critical for muscle building. They play a vital role in ensuring muscle loss is prevented at all costs thereby contributing to the building of tissues in the muscle building process.

Minerals reservoir

Ground beef can be aptly referred to as a reservoir of minerals. The role minerals play in the entire muscle building exercise cannot be overemphasized. The major minerals that are found in large quantities in ground beef are iron and zinc. To be specific, in every 100 gram serving of lean ground beef, there are approximately 5 milligrams of zinc and 2.3 milligrams of iron. Now iron and zinc are among the frontline minerals in the fight against infections which is a very noble function if any muscle building is to take place. Iron is also among the minerals at the centre of the blood formation process. Blood formation and circulation is what gives tissue cells life. Now for a healthy muscle building exercise, the role of blood circulation cannot be underestimated.

Since muscle building involves exercises at some point, blood pressure is an attribute that has to be regulated if the whole exercise is to be fruitful. Ground beef contains the minerals necessary for supporting a healthy blood pressure level. These minerals are known as potassium and sodium. Statistically, 100 gram of ground beef contains 334 milligrams of potassium and around 66 milligrams of sodium. These minerals therefore play a key role in the muscle building process.

The presence of B Vitamins

The presence of vitamin B-3, B-6, and B-12 in ground beef makes it a strategic meal in the growth and building of muscles. Vitamin B-12 and B-6 work collectively with folic acid to lessen the chances of coronary disease. Muscle building exercise being an all encompassing process, needs the proper functioning of all organs. The heart being at the centre of all body processes is a vital yet delicate organ which is to be closely monitored and guarded. Vitamin B-3 which is also referred to as Niacin also plays a rather critical role in energy metabolism. The part played by niacin cannot be substituted as energy metabolism is absolutely necessary if the muscle building process is to record a success. Remember the metabolic cells within the muscles; need vitamin B-3 for metabolic processes to take place successfully.

The conclusion of the matter is that all this can be accomplished on a lean budget and in fact ground beef can be homemade if the equipment necessary for grinding of beef is available. It is among the most pocket friendly diets that can easily give you a head start in the muscle building process.

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