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Argentina In Turmoil After Flash Floods


No stone was left unturned on Thursday April 4th as Argentinian police and soldiers searched everywhere possible in the search for bodies after floods claimed at least 57 lives in the province and city of Buenos Aires.

In the heaviest April rainfall in Buenos Aires history, Tuesday night saw a foot of rainfall in just a few hours.

More than 250,000 people in the capital, with 2.9 million people, were without electricity on Wednesday and approximately 2,200 victims had been evacuated from the city of La Plata.

Some 100,000 households were destroyed by the floods, La Plata mayor Pablo Bruera said.

Many people lost everything they owned disappear under sewage and fuel contaminated waters that rose nearly six feet inside some homes.

When President Cristina Fernandez and other officials attempted to speak to the victims they were booed with many yelling “go away” and “you came too late”.

The citizens of Argentina were quite possibly the ones to save the most lives however.

Alejandro Fern√°ndez, a 44-year-old off-duty policeman pulled out his rubber boat and shuttled about 100 neighbors to higher ground when the rains started.

His neighbor, Dr. Jose Alberto Avelar, turned his home into a clinic, treating dozens for hypothermia.

Government workers are now distributing water, food supplies and clothing at dozens of shelters across the province.

Provincial Health Minister Alejandro Collia said hepatitis shots were being given at 33 evacuation centers, and that spraying would kill mosquitoes that spread dengue fever.

Governor Daniel Scioli, who promised subsidies, loans and tax exemptions for the victims, explained “The humanitarian question comes first. The material questions will be resolved in time.”

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