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Scott’s Story

Have you ever heard of Cerebral Palsy? Most likely. The National Library Of Medicine explains CP as a group of disorders that can involve brain and nervous system functions, such as movement, learning, hearing, seeing, and thinking. There are several different types of cerebral palsy, including spastic, dyskinetic, ataxic, hypotonic, and mixed.

gggMost people who are diagnosed are seen as having a disability and limited in what they are able to do.

Well, one man has changed that.

Scott is a 29 year old man who was diagnosed with CP at a young age. His mother was trying to teach him how to swim and noticed that he had difficulty. He was taken to the doctor and was diagnosed.

“People out there [who] have disability please don’t be sorry for yourself,” Scott says in the video through a speech assistance device.

In the 6 minute video, you will see Scott walk on the treadmill, lift weights, and explain how independent he is.

Now I’m a crier and I definitely teared up while watching. Scott is such a beautiful individual who has to so much joy and passion.  He asks people without disabilities not to feel sorry for those with disabilities as it does not help them.

After watching the video, there is no way you could look at people with disabilities the same.

Scott is a blessing. Click the link to the video below to check him out for yourself. I guarantee it will make your week!

You’re welcome 🙂!

And in the words of Scott, ” Go big or go home!”

-Amber O.

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