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Vine Apps Gets ‘Rickrolled’


What started out as a simple prank has gone viral. The infamous “Rickrolled” has made its way from YouTube to Vine.

A Cleveland teen hacked Vine on Monday. Making a statement against the apps strict six second limit, the young boy uploaded all 3 minutes and 33 seconds of “Never Gonna Give You Up”, the 80’s pop hit, now seen all over the web as a bait and switch Internet meme.

“I think I broke Vine,” tweeted Will Smidlein on Monday night. The 16-year-old, who calls himself a Web developer in his Twitter bio, hacked the Twitter app to play the video to Vine’s 13 million users. In a recent interview, Smidlein didn’t give up details as to how he hacked the site. “Honestly, it was just for my friends and the people who follow me on Twitter and Vine,” he said.

After the upload, Smidlein was quickly messaged by a Twitter engineer to take the video down, but by that time it had already gone viral. “Sorry, Twitter/Vine engineers,” he wrote. “I tried to keep it quiet, but the Internet never forgets.”

Rickrolling started in 2007 as an in-joke on the pages of 4chan and quickly became an Internet phenomenon. Usually a user will post an enticing link to get viewers to click, but to their surprise a video of “Never Gonna Give You Up” pops up instead.


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