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Where to find the best steak in the world

steak-courtesy-of-the-busy-brain-on-flickrIt is not everyday that you come across the most amazing steak ever!  But recently I have been blessed enough to know and work with, hands-down the world’s best steak company.  Chicago Steak Company offers the world’s highest quality, all American beef and delivers it straight to your doorstep.  Chicago Steak Company steaks are succulent and will have you begging like a puppy for more.

Truly CSC serves clients from Rodeo Drive to the Fortune 5 and we are here to help you understand why it is truly the Ultimate Steak Experience. We personally have tried their steaks and even spent our own money to ship their steaks to our family because we know they are the best and are USDA Prime unlike some of the competition who use their own grading system or just talk about their steaks as being premium. All that other talk usually amounts to is a let down and when we are dealing with the top brands in the world, we do not have any space for error. Whether we want to order the most luxurious filet mignon or a New York Strip we need to know it will arrive in the best form possible and be delicious, here at Global Good Group we don’t trust anybody else like we trust the Chicago Steak Company.

With clients including Coach Mike Ditka, Florida’s Natural, Best Buy, NFL, UPS, PNC, Cisco, and many more, Chicago Steak Company delivers steaks to just about anyone, anywhere.  When you need your steak fix, you know where to go, MyChicagoSteak.com

Go ahead and let us know your thoughts on Chicago Steak Company below and be sure to check out this video of their company that GGN helped produce!

Signed, Rick Jeffries

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