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Singapore Sessions – Globalization Solutions For Asia


Solve Asian Business Growth Problems

Hey Global Gooders, today we bring you a great show known as the Singapore Sessions which is hosted by Betty Liu, and covers some pretty interesting globalization related topics within the sphere of growing business in Asia.

As shown in the image above some of the episodes feature subjects such as:

Innovation has found a home in Asia. Has the West settled in yet?

How can big data and alaytics spur innovation in new markets?

Building a sustainable urban future

How can businesses navigate asia’s increasingly complex supply chain systems?

and many more, check the site out!

We were quite impressed when watching these videos and it reminds us of some of the great tech content they have on ZDnet and such where you can learn all about upcoming trends and get insight from top business leaders. With video becoming one of the primary educational sources for many these days as far as at leat what you enjoy consuming the most, it makes sense why to put out a great series like this.

Rather than just talk about general business issues in the US or around the world it is great that they take the time to focus on just one market, namely Asia. With Asia being so different than the US and most of its usual partners like Canada or the United Kingdom, it is great to learn about something new. For entrepreneurs like myself and others, we are always looking for niches and markets to enter and this series gives us plenty to consider and think about.

If you haven’t already heard of it, then please don’t forget to hop on over to their website to learn more and catch up on this great series. We are enjoying watching some of their episodes; in fact we just started the How can business leverage opportunities in Asia in 2012? even though it is 2013 now. If anything it helps you realize other entrepreneurs from the US are already taking advantage of some of these potential markets so go get it guys!

Check out the video below to get more insight into the show!


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