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How Are Display Stands Becoming High Tech?

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How Are Display Stands Becoming High Tech?

Touchscreen displays and interactive technology are replacing signs and brochures as the trade show marketer’s weapons of choice. Is the revolution in trade show tech a good thing for marketers or a distraction that’s costing more than it earns?

For more than a century, trade shows have been the platform of choice for experts in business-to-business marketing. From billion-dollar deals to innovations in the way business is done, some of the world’s biggest commercial developments have happened on the sales floor at leading trade shows.

Over the last decade, however, trade show display stands have changed from being static features of an exhibit touting product benefits and branding materials to part of the exhibit, with interactive technology making them a valuable sales tool.

When did things turn so high tech? Like many other developments in the world of high technology, it can be traced back to two modern companies, both based in the famous Silicon Valley region of California: Apple and Google.

Apple’s trade show booths during the early 21st century used interactivity in a way that none of its competitors had considered. Instead of showcasing a product using its sales team and a few demo models, Apple used hundreds of its product as part of its exhibit, letting attendees get up close and feel the technology for themselves.

As the smartphone wars grew in intensity five years ago, Google started using very similar tactics in its own booths. Android trade show exhibits became immersive, interactive exhibits designed to draw attendees into the world of Google, using a collection of high-tech accessories and even old-fashioned playground toys.

Interestingly, two of the companies that drove growth in trade show tech are now used in the high-tech exhibits of other companies – iPads and Android-driven tech systems are now easy to spot at trade shows. Interactivity has become a standard for trade show exhibitors, complementing – instead of replacing – traditional sales.

Today’s high-tech trade show exhibits range from impressive and highly effective to gimmicky and silly. Some go overboard, replacing target-driven sales teams with an exhibit that, while very fun to interact with, isn’t a major commercial winner. Others take an intelligent, balanced approach that combines sales and interactivity.

Services like exhibition stand hire from Display Wizard allow any company to add a high-tech display stand to its trade show marketing arsenal. With a smart strategy for trade show success, an impressive high-tech display stand can be a wonderful tool for increasing interest amongst attendees and boosting sales figures.




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