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3-Year Old Toddler Payton Bushnell Swallows 37 BuckyBalls Magnets And Survives

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Young Payton Bushnell, a 3-year old toddler from Portland, Oregon, is doing better after having surgery to remove 37 Rare Earth Buckyballs magnets from her intestines. Payton’s parents thought the toddler had come down with a cold when she initially started complaining that she wasn’t feeling well. When she didn’t get better, they took her to the doctors. When doctors took an x-ray of the young girls stomach, they saw a circle. Kelli Bushnell, Payton’s mom, said “They saw a circle had formed in her stomach, and they thought she swallowed a bracelet.”
Doctors tried to remove what they thought was a bracelet from the girl’s stomach, but quickly realized they were dealing with 37 small BuckyBalls and not a bracelet. Sandy Nipper, R.N., from Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel’s Safety Store said, “In all the research I have done, I have never seen any child swallow more than 10 magnets.”
The doctors had to open the girl up to get the magnets out, and discovered that the magnets had already damaged her lower intestine and ripped a small hole in her stomach, but they were able to repair the tears and holes in surgery.
Kelli Bushnell went on to add “I’m thinking that she kind of put two and two together and thought these look like what we put on Christmas cookies. If we had any idea what those magnets could have done to our daughter’s intestines I would have never had them in our house.”
The company that sells Buckyballs heard about Payton swallowing the magnets and posted on their website: “Buckyballs was saddened to learn that a 3-year old girl in Oregon had swallowed high-powered magnets, but we are relieved that she is expected to make a full recovery. This unfortunate incident underscores the fact that Buckyballs and Buckycubes are for adults. They are not toys and are not intended for children. We urge all consumers to read and comply with the warnings we place on all our products, on our website and in stores. Please keep these products out of the hands and reach of all children.”

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