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Dance Studio Succeeds With Social Media Following

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Misty Lown has been known in dance studio circles for years.  As the founder of More Than Just Great Dancing studios, her practice has been named a “Top 50 Studios in the Nation” by Dance Spirit Magazine.  Lown also shows that social media can be a valuable ally in spreading the word to a niche audience.

Lown isn’t proposing to offer a commoditized service.  Her studio in Wisconsin inspires and motivates its clientele of young dancers.  The studio’s mission is to have a favorable impact on communities through dance and Misty’s positive message has brought her enthusiastic followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Marketing on social media can have significantly varied results for small businesses.  Last month, Manta published a study which found that 61 percent of small businesses surveyed by the site’s researchers haven’t seen any return on their investment from social media activities.

The findings seem to suggest that many business owners are wasting their time fiddling with social networks.  Half of the respondents said they increased their time working on the social media side of their business despite 61 percent not seeing any ROI from their efforts.  Only 7 percent said that they had cut back on their social media efforts.

Many Internet marketers believe that social media and mobile marketing are more suited towards niche products and services that deliver a great or better than average value proposition to consumers.  That seems to be the case with Misty Lown who has spent nearly two decades carving out a niche in the dance studio industry.

Her practice dance studio has since increased to a network of nearly a dozen studios.  Her popular Facebook page of more than 6,000 followers reflects the enthusiasm of her client base.  Lown primarily caters to kids in elementary and junior high.  She also serves as an inspiring mentor, which improves the “sharability” of her Facebook status updates and Twitter messages.

Another Manta survey discovered that more than one in three small-business owners spend up to three hours a week managing their social media channels.  Nearly 10 percent spend more than 10 hours.  Such efforts might be justified when they are proposing to convey superior products or services to the marketplace.  If not, they’re probably better suited on optimizing what they have to offer in the first place.

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